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To: Steve

From: A Concerned Wittopian

Ok so what happened to witty?? The top quote only has 4 faves??? The top quotes uses to get thousands of faves!!! Someone please SEND HELP
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To: SteveFrom: A Concerned WittopianOk so what happened to witty??

4 faves · 3 comments · Dec 27, 2017 9:00pm





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mars* · 3 years ago
Sadly, I think the witty population just ‘grew up’. I made this account in 2012 just before my 15th birthday. It was full of people more or less around the same age, and back then the majority of posts were very teenagery stuff relative at the time, for example- one direction, crush stuff and girls who had a lot of teen angst (myself included for all of those)ultimately the generation of people on here just ‘grew up’ and no longer had need for this website. With more recently popular sites like tumblr, Instagram, etc, the next generation of kids really had no need for this site as all the others now provided the same service and were also peaking in popularity. This is the first time I’ve logged into this site in two years, I have previously done the same back in 2014&15 and it was empty af then but this year is a new low. It crushes me a bit because I spend arguably one of the best times of my life on this website, the community was brilliant. If you ever wanna talk, hmu!
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💖ForeverandAlways* · 3 years ago
Im honestly too old to still be here girl I got a husband😂😂but idk i've been coming on like once a week lately..maybe i miss middle school idk
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grownsimba · 3 years ago
I agree. I'm starting a witty IG spam page though (see my latest post)... I'm hoping to get some more foot traffic here. *fingers crossed*
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