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It kinda sucks you know. I've known for a while we're not as close as the others, that our friendship was way too superficial. But aren't you being too much? You stay up till it hits exactly midnight to send the others a paragraph of how much they mean to you on their birthday. I wish I could trick myself into thinking that I didn't need one of those texts from you...but when I didn't wake up to anything, it's embarrassing to admit, but I was surprised. Weren't you being too much? You invited me along to lunches as you gifted them presents, I told myself I didn't want anything from you, but when you turned up empty handed, it's pathetic, but I was surprised. Have you given up on me? Finally realised there's better out there? Can you finally let go of me now? I've never liked surprises. I've always wanted to though.
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It kinda sucks you know. I've known for a while we're

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