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Dear Ladies..

Has a man ever asked you "Have you eaten today?"
Has he ever given you a compliment without expecting one in return?
Has he ever congratulated you on your achievements and pushed you to aspire you to do more?
Has he ever claimed you as "His" not with his words, but his actions?
Has he ever opened himself up to you, and given his all to the point there's no way he could share it with another woman?
Has he ever done/said anything sweet to you, not because he knows that's what you want, but because he knows he's lucky to have you?
Have you ever had a man be consistant with positive treatment that doesn't fade away?
Does he make you smile without having to do anything?
Have you ever had a man who is afraid of losing you because you're valuable to him? 

This is a real man. 
Have you ever been with a real man?

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Dear Ladies.. Has a man ever asked you "Have you eaten today?"

5 faves · Aug 31, 2017 8:02pm

Slim Shadys Baby*


Slim Shadys Baby*


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