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Most Guys Don't Realize,

She tells you she's okay ; but its not really true. You're stupid to believe it ; she lied to you.
She's really hurt ; her hearts going insane. You're very clueless ; You're the one causing her pain.
Instead of being her umbrella ; your the pouring rain, You're the slitting cut ; close to her viens.
You have another girl ; right after your break up. You dont even worry about her ; you ruin her make up.
You called her a b.tch ; she has no leash. You called her annoying ; you compared her to fleas.
She's like a mirror thats broken ; she soaks her pillow when she cries. She finally stops crying ; she's drained out.
Her heart keeps beating ; it hasnt powered out. You're h0e breaks up with you ; you try getting back with your ex.
She's over it ; she moved on to the next. She still loves you ; but she dont wanna get hurt.
She needs to feel loved ; not her heart feeling the burn. Cant go back and forth ; Stop hurting innocent hearts.
You strike at their heart ; as if you were a dart.

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Most Guys Don't Realize, She tells you she's okay ; but its not

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WokeChris 11*


WokeChris 11*


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