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Don't be stressing a girls weight..

Guys these days want a girl with a "super hot body" ;
When they dont look good themselves, looking
like no type of hottie.
Beautiful people everywhere & they're all around me.
Guys stay stressing a girls weight when they're looking
all scrawny.
Why should feelings get hurt? God made them in a beautiful
Why so quick to criticize? ; Always picking on their weight.
No a$s, no b0obs ; it that what you aim?
Not every girl has what ya'll want ; so don't bring tears down their
Man the f-ck up! Personality counts too.
You'll be surprised how quickly a girl can make you fall
in-love without having an a$s or b0obs.
We speak before we think, go ahead and step in their shoes.
How would you like being called "too fat" or "too ugly"
when the girl you like
is saying that to YOU?
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Don't be stressing a girls weight.. Guys these days want

4 faves · Jun 25, 2017 3:34pm

WokeChris 11*


WokeChris 11*


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