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A relationship is like a slow dance. Every movement must be taken carefully and in consideration of the partner’s and a single misstep can often result in disaster. But when a couple dedicates themselves to perfecting this performance, to the pursuit of intimately knowing each other, the result is devastatingly beautiful. Selflessness and compromise meet together like clasped hands. While trust and loyalty lock like a love-struck gaze. Care and understanding bear each challenge with mastery and poise, like pairs of nimble feet spinning gracefully across a dance floor. As one partner bends, the other bows. As one partner falls, the other reaches out to catch her. When a relationship works, it is effortless and fluid—a meticulously choreographed pirouette between two partnered souls in perfect balance.

‘This Slow Dance’ | Beau Taplin


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“ A relationship is like a slow dance. Every movement must

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