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I've been nothing but honest to you, and yet you still doubt me. It really hurts that you do, and i know that actions speak louder than words, but what have i been doing to make you doubt me? I like you so much and i wouldn't do anything to mess that up, i wouldn't hurt you, lie to you or anything or the sort. Maybe it's just your way of grieving. 

I've always been the girl who hides her sadness, the one to laugh through her tears. Yet last night, you saw me cry for the first time. You held me till i stopped, but i wanted to cry so much more, i care about you more than anyone else and i just want to prove it to you completely.

I'm sad that you doubt me, but i'll prove your doubts wrong. I will show you that i've been honest with you, and that i care for you.

Tonight is going to be a long night, i'm here in the dark, wearing you sweats, shirt, and socks. Your scent on them is strong, it comforts me. The warmth from them, makes it feel like you're here with me holding me tightly, just like when we go to bed. I can even think of the feeling of the warm kisses you plant on my forehead. 

I spent the day along the ocean shore, thinking about you and everything said the night before. I've come to conclude, I f*cking love you.
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I've been nothing but honest to you, and yet you still doubt

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