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[01:38] <Guest9997> i feel alone
[01:38] <Guest9997> even with the embrace of music
[01:38] <Guest9997> it isn't as soft or warm as the embrace of a person
[01:39] <Guest9997> i don't miss her, she wasn't good for me
[01:39] <Guest9997> but i miss the cuddling
[01:39] <Guest9997> and the cheering
[01:39] <Guest9997> and the support
[01:39] <Guest9997> and the closeness
[01:40] <Guest9997> the concept of having a built in best friend and constant supporter at all times
[01:40] <Guest9997> what a nice conept
[01:41] <Guest9997> no one understands my depth, nor do they attempt to understand
[01:41] <Guest9997> and because of it i am lonely

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[01:38] <Guest9997> i feel alone [01:38] <Guest9997>

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