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Places stained

That road we walked on a many times, the field we used to kiss
All these places which are stained with the memories makes me miss
And your hair, your laugh, your smile, the way you held me
Now I can't even pass through that road or field or cafe
Through these years you never let me be, let me go
F*cked around with my feelings from sunshine to snow.
Now these thoughts, delusional as they may seem but..
We were right together, perhaps belong together

No im not a sensitive psycho b*tch, NEVER
have i been like that.
Just when you just destroy the person who loved you, only you and the most
its going to do some damage.
To the soul, the person that once was is gone
Suffocated by the memories whch are everywhere
They jut wont leave me alone in the woods, on the cold and starry night.
We watched the stars once and laughed until ou tummies ached, never did we fight.

now my face is wet, make up smudged, alone in the night and i simply cannot bear it.
There is only darkness in this tunnel, like searching for love from you when there was none, but there is no light

P.S this aint really a poem i could write it better if i wanted to , just needed to express emotion

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Places stained That road we walked on a many times, the field

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