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It hit me suddenly and it was fast and I can't believe it finally happened. I'm not talking about love, i'm talking about a more powerful, more life-consuming emotion: Hate. Suddenly like I had been hit in the face, every bad thing he had ever done, ever said, every single time he manipulated me, used me and lied to me it came to me like a painful slap but on the heart. And then I started shaking with anger and hatred and I never wanted to see him again but I wanted him to know how much I hated his guts. The hate consumed me like a strong tide. I finally understood how people could hate their ex's because before I had always been confused on how someone could hate someone they once loved but oh my,, I hated him 100x more than I have ever hated. So much it was hard to breathe with the hatred weighing down and consuming my heart.

Or maybe I just feel emotions too much but oh well

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It hit me suddenly and it was fast and I can't believe it

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