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1. Where are you right now? Living room
2. Are you bored? Not really
3. What day is today?Friday
4. Are you happy? Eh
5. Do you have a lot of friends? No
6. Are you close with them? ..
7. Who do you tell everything to? Claire, Amanda and Kelli
8. Is that person your best friend? Yes
9. Does your best friend call you their best friend? Yes
10. Does your best friend have other best friends? Probably
11. Do you ever fight with your best friend? No
12. Does your best friend know everything about you? Most of it
13. Do you know everything about your best friend? Most of it
14. Are your friends jealous of your best friend? No
15. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No
16. Are you close with your boyfriend/girlfriend? ...
17. Do you want kids? Yes
18. Do you miss being a kid? Yes
19. Who was the last person to call you? Claudia
20. Who was the last person to text you? Amanda
21. Who was the last person to comment on your
witty page? I don't know her name
22. Do you have a facebook? Yes
23. Who was the last person to write on your facebook wall? Sharon
24. Which do you like better, facebook or witty? Witty
25. Have you ever cheated? No
26. Have you ever been cheated on? No
27. Would you ever cheat? No
28. Do you have any tattoos? No
29. Do you have any piercings? Just my ears
30. Do you have any regrets? Proably
31. What are you wearing? pjs
32. Do you have plans for the weekend? No
33. Will you be with your friends this weekend? Probaly not
34. When was the last time you were drunk? Never een
35. Do you ever lie? Of couse.. just not often
36. What was the last movie you watched? Idk.. Wildchild
37. Who was the last person to email you? Twitter
38. Is that person a close friend? Yea, bestfriends
39. Would that person do anything to hurt you? ...
40. Does that person know a lot about you? ..
41. Who was the last person you talked to? Mum
42. What did you say? "I'm puting the recordings on"
43. Do you wish you were somewhere else? No
44. Are you a nice person? Yes
45. Do people like you? I think so  
46. Do you have friends from out of state? Yes
47. Where do they live? around the world
48. Do you have friends from out of the country? Yes
49. Have you ever been out of the country? Where? Yes, mainland UK and France
50. Where would you like to go? Canada or New Zealand
51. What's your favorite song? Broken Strings
52. Are you getting bored of this survey? Nah
53. Are you close with your parents? Normal
54. What's your favorite thing to eat? Chicken
55. What's the thing you hate most to eat? Vegs..
56. Do you think ayone else will do this survey? Probably
57. Do you think there were too many questions on this survey? Nope

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1. Where are you right now? Living room 2. Are you bored? Not

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