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Are you ready to spill your guts?

How many people have you kissed, that you can HONESTLY say you love?

These questions will get rather deep and personal, can you take it?

Is there someone you want to let go of?

Do you think age matters in relationships?
It depends of the age gap

Do you have any regrets?

The last person you kissed bumped into you at school, what would you say?
Well, i've never been kissed so...

How old are you?

When was the last time you were truly, completely happy?
God knows

Do you hate the last person you kissed?
As I said never been kissed

What's the connection between the last person you texted?
my best friend from the USA

Do you go to church every Sunday?

Have you lost friends in the past year?

Do you think two people can be happy forever?

Think back to July 2008, were you single
I've been single for 19 years.. so yes

Name one person you wish you could fix things with, and why haven't you?
Mariana or Gloria Idk, it is kinda fixed but it's not and it wasn't really bad.. idk

Would you rather sleep by yourself or with someone else?
Depends who that someone is

Is there someone you used to talk to every single day that you don't talk to anymore?

Are you in a good mood?

Can you recall the last time you liked someone?

who are you talking to?
No one..

What's one thing you like about winter?

As of this minute, what is going through your mind?
This survey

Would it be hard seeing someone else kiss the person you fell the hardest for?
Well, the only people I'm in love with is a celebrity..

Can you spend a whole night with the last person you kisses?
Again never been kissed

Do you have a hard time controlling your emotions?

Do you like your height?
Eh.. I'm used to it now but it could be better

Who sits behind you in English class?
No one cause not in school anymore

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