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A poem my 13-year-old sister wrote. 
I am SUPER proud of her, I think this poem is amazing. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. :

Those Words
Those words in my head
They won't go away
I yell for them to stop and leave me alone
They won't go away
They tell me to
But I don't listen
I never will
They are there when I'm at
 Even when I'm sleeping
They won't go away
People think I'm crazy
But really I'm not crazy
It's only the voices 
In my head
That makes me who I am today
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A poem my 13-year-old sister wrote. I am SUPER proud of her,

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CaylaRae18 · 4 years ago
I didn't write it from a movie I saw I just kinda wrote in study hall cuz I got bored

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Raxin · 4 years ago
I would fave this except I'm scared of your little sister now. hehehe
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trishafaye819 · 4 years ago
Hahahaha. XD She wrote it off of a movie she saw or something I think, she's not homicidal. XD
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