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That moment when that special someone in your life drives you crazy, insane, or makes you mad, is the moment when you just want to just scream, cry, tell them that they are the dumbest person in the whole world, but you still love them.

The more you think of them the more you love them, the more you want them by your side no matter what.

Through thick and thin yall have been in,

Fire leads to destruction and pain,

You scream, They scream, both with the taste of gasoline on your lips,

One of you say something the other one regrets,

When the feeling of regret and selfishness sets in,


An explosion,

You close your eyes and imagine them that person,

And you realize that the fight was pointless and stupid,

But when you want it all back the way it once was,

When everything was calm and you never knew what gasoline taste like,

You go back to them,

Tell them you didn’t mean anything you said,

That it was all just stupid,

That you realized how much you love them and how much you can’t live without them,

When you are thinking about if it’s meant to be or was never supposed to be, try thinking about something else, something not related to that one person. If you try and try to keep your mind on that something else but you can’t help yourself but think of that one person instead. Then your answer is right there directly in your face, run, as fast as you can, run to that person, tell them that you love them because if you don’t they will never know.

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That moment when that special someone in your life drives you

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