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Hey so this is my idea of what a stranger woulld think of me if they saw me, enjoy!

I walked into The Hub, a local coffee shop, and went up to the register to order my normal Macchiato with a pump of vanilla. I went and sat down on the couch and pulled out my phone while I waited for my order. After scrolling through Facebook for a few minutes, my name was called and I got up to get my drink. then I walked back to my place to sit. As I went, my eyes fell upon a girl in the corner of the room. Her fingers were rapidly typing at a computer, her eyes skimming the keyboard. She looked up and saw me looking at her, her black-rimmed eyes crinkling in confusion of why I was looking at her. I glanced away and went back to my spot. She went back to typing on her computer. Her short hair fell over her face on one side, and her red lipstick was stained on a coffee cup by her side. She looked like the type of girl you wanted to know, but also the kind who has a wall up to block you.

She glanced up and saw me staring again, and decided to do the thing women do best- challenge me to a staring contest. She looked right into my eyes and cocked her eyebrow up, and the contest began. Her stare was too hard for me, and I eventually looked away. A smirk appeared on her face, as if to say “Ha, I won”. Now I really wanted to know her. I got up and went and sat down next to her, not too close, but also not awkwardly far away.

“What are you typing?” I asked.

“A story,” she said, looking at me cautiously, like she is trying to decide if I was a predator or prey.

“What’s it about?”

She rolled her eyes, seeming to decide that I was prey, and said “Death. And love. And life. And whatever else I decide to add to it. Are you done with the questions?” I solemnly nodded.

She went back to typing, I went back to my phone.
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Hey so this is my idea of what a stranger woulld think of me

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