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idk, I mindlessly signed back up 
for school, because I really just either
need my diploma or GED (diploma is
free, GED is not), and now I'm freaking 
out because there is like 10 days left of
summer vacation, and then it's another
year of having to embarrassingly say
my age to other students. I will graduate
at 21, or I will once again fail. because I
can't do basic things, that everyone else
can,  such as graduate high school.
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idk, I mindlessly signed back up for school, because I really

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*Yours Truly* · 6 years ago
Have you ever considered getting a diploma through online courses? Because there are some that are free, like k-12 virtual academy and stuff like that. You get to do it from home, but there are still lessons daily, and a schedule, and teachers to help you with stuff. It might be a little easier than getting up early everyday and being around people you don't like, and risking embarrassment (which I understand you feel when you have to go back there now?) and anxiety/depression/stress,
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Dishonored* · 6 years ago
well, that was longer than I thought it was. guys call me annoying when I type too much and I guess I literally cannot help myself lol
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Dishonored* · 6 years ago
The thing with my school is that it is a "hybrid" school. They used to be solely online, but too many students were failing, so the state threatened to close them down (they've been threatening that for the past like 8 years.) Which caused them to change how they do things every year. The first years were great, I got A's and B's in everything because the teachers actually taught, and they gave you actual homework to do. Now it is all online, and the teachers don't teach, and if they do they are just reading the passage on the website that we are supposed to read anyway, and them doing that is rare because 10 different classes are shoved into a room at any given point. Not all of the teachers are at the first building, there are two sites. Where the teacher teaches via webcam. Example: when I was in earth science, 7th graders were in their science, people were in enviromental science (which gave the science teacher 3 classes to teach in 40 mins, but she only taught the 7th graders and told us to figure it out basically.) and then in the same room there would be people with headphones in watching their history class. I don't know if my attention span is getting worse, or if I can't learn via internet, but I can't concentrate enough to read up to 7 pages just to answer 10 questions and having to do that for every subject (sometimes it's 7 pages for 5 questions.) They give you the option to work from home, but when I work from home I never actually work, and I never show back up at school. But I can't do actual public school either, that kind of teaching is preferred, but I'm having anxiety over 50 total students (the teachers do a head count at lunch, on any given day it is typically like 47) and at a normal high school there are 100's of people. I can cheat with the online school, skim for the answers and copy the passage into word for tests, but I actually got really scared of not learning anything- love learning, hate school.
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*Yours Truly* · 6 years ago
(Who gives a fk what boys think tbh, they're useless for the most part anyway c;). Maybe you'd do better in a different program. The one I did was rather easy. It has actual tests you take. All you have to get is an 80% at minimum and you're passing with A's. If you don't do the work, you'll get emails from the teachers and stuff, so maybe that'd motivate you to do it. Perhaps you need to tell someone so you have someone to not let down. If you don't understand a subject, there will be little web-classes in the morning where the teacher for the subject will analyze it, to help you understand. It might be a better option than your school, from what I hear. But it's your decision of course. Good luck. Don't worry, your determination speaks volumes. You're going to do great.
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Alexandra❤️* · 6 years ago
At least you're not a bum on the street, at least you're actually trying. Good job to you who cares what anyone else thinks? At least you're actually in high school tryin to do something with your life. Good job! 👍
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