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My definitions on happiness are a bit shaky.

I can't tell whether it was his smirk and dumb jokes in the middle of the night.
Competitions, eye contact, fingers brushing, eye rolls, half-hearted smiles,
trophies, yelling at the tv, and blue irises.

Or if it's your smile and your eyes lit up from across the table.
Chairs, and pillows, stories and dreams, hopes, nose taps, sunlight,
sitting in an empty room with pages of feelings, random texts, and eyes
the color of the grass through each season.

I can't tell if it's tears over each other, or tears with each other.

Maybe it's letting go of people who don't want to stay,
and fighting for people who do, and being okay with it all.

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11 faves · Aug 16, 2015 12:31am

*Yours Truly*


*Yours Truly*


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