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We were once children, 
Young and innocent. 
We saw the world with open minds, 
And an untainted imagination. 
We sought out the simple things, 
Not realizing that the world 
Contained such things as 
Petrifying as hate. 
We were once wild and free, 
Unchained by the worries and 
stresses accompanying growing up. 
We never once thought twice 
about looks and bills. 
Instead wondering around in mismatched 
socks with unruly hair. 
We were once forgiving. 
Holding grudges was a foreign thing. 
So often we forgave and went 
on with the lives we cherished. 
We were once blind. 
We were blind to the corruption surrounding us. 
We did not see the disabled as weak, 
And we did not see the world as cruel. 
But we are no longer children. 
We can finally see.
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We were once children, Young and innocent. We saw the world

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