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One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Today Harry was in London and he met fans. Louis has been at Justin Bieber's and he met some fans as well. Liam is still in Monaco with Sophia and Niall was golfing again.

Rumors: None

Links: Harry with a fan today: 
Niall with a fan while golfing: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFtY8hvUUAArVFE.jpg:large
Louis with a fan recently: https://twitter.com/thetommopics/status/602168772372332544
Liam and Sophia today: https://twitter.com/Go1DenUpdates/status/602137810150236160
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One Direction Update 5/23/15 Hey everyone! Today Harry was in

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dreamer4eva333 · 5 years ago
Yeah, that's how I think it is right now. Not tons of communication, but enough to keep their friendship alive. Maybe that will change over time, but who knows. Haha, yeah, some couples are very alike, but some like to have someone who balances them out, like Liam and Louis do. I totally agree. They each bring out a different side of each other and their personalities compliment each other perfectly.

Haha, that's pretty clever! At least you can always go back to it or change it if you ever feel like having another account.

Yeah, I think we all got that vibe from him, especially near the end. I never would have thought he'd leave to go solo, though. I thought he'd lie low and maybe come back into the industry years later. I guess you never know what's going to happen. Yeah, it is like that. There's not one emotion to describe what it's like because you're mad, sad, confused, and okay all at once. It is crazy!! Before we know it, it'll be here and there's so much to do and look forward to and ahh!! I can't wait!

Yeah, I really feel like I should call. I just keep putting off because it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I'm definitely going to do it soon though, before Harry goes back to LA. And yeah, we might actually be in LA at the same time if we both end up there in November. I can only hope and pray. :) Thanks for that picture of Liam! It looks like he still loves plaid just like he did years ago! :) Here's a great blast from the past! http://40.media.tumblr.com/64672127e280700b7fc239c311c4f0fc/tumblr_mpiytxfUOg1rqv2jbo1_r1_500.png
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beary0630 · 5 years ago
I really hope that's the way it is. I'd hate to see a 5 year friendship end like that. But time heals all wounds. Yeah even though Louis and Liam aren't a couple like that, I think that applies to friendships too. If you're too similar to someone you tend to clash a bit. I'm glad that the boys seem like a good match for each other. At least these four.

Yeah I don't think it has many followers. So I could start fresh and make it any account I want. If I can figure out the password that is.

Yeah that's what I thought was going to happen. My definition of being a normal 22 year old is hanging with your friends, girlfriend and family. Maybe traveling and just getting yourself into the world, doing things you want to do and just keeping to yourself and your own life. But I guess that's not the case for him. Yeah! I finally was able to put my WWA poster I made on the wall and I keep looking at it. It's been really making me eager for the concert! We both know that these couple months before the actual show are the hardest to wait because it's close enough to taste now but still too far to be able to feel like it's in the near future! And sometimes it makes you nuts!

Yeah I understand that. I'd want to call them too if I were you but I'd feel a bit awkward and not know what to say. And I'll definitely pray that you get your chance to be in LA when he's there again. Or at least that certain places would give him your letter. And I love the fact that Liam's still into plaid. It makes it slightly feel like the old days again. And OMG you have no idea how much that picture means to me!! That's from Hershey! I was right there when that was going on! I didn't see much of it from where I was standing, but girls near me were yelling "I see Niall on his segway, and Harry's running shirtless!" Oh man you really are trying to kill me! :') Here's something I found today: http://myallonedirection.tumblr.com/post/119793136858/x

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