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It is amazing I have not broken the keyboard of my computer from the amount of unbelievably stupid people I am constantly blocking from all my social media profiles.

I am not a mean person...but if I do block you from one of my profiles, it is because you 
have offended me in some way....

So if you 
get blocked, I am not being mean, there is a reason

I am not 
going to be nice to you if you are doing something disrespectful or offensive....

I do not allow just anyone to follow me.

Because I mention I 
have anorexia on other sites, I am constantly getting followed by pro ana accounts (people who think eating disorders are diets) and it makes me sick....

It is so annoyin
g. I am anorexic. I am not on a diet
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It is amazing I have not broken the keyboard of my computer from

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