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Dear Future Daughter..

There is just a few things you should know.. Here we go..

1.Make sure you take care of yourself.. Be who you want to be.

2. Don't let silly boys bring you down, Because there will be alot of boys that will bring you down. Learn from your mothers mistakes.. Trust me.

3. Dont ever settle for anything less, You know your worth dont go below what your worth is.

4. You will always be beautiful no matter what, Don't ever let anyone tell you different. I let people tell me different and it effects me to this day..

5. I will always love you for the person you are, I Will always be proud of you.

6. There will come a time where you think you have found a lovely boy... Chances are.. You haven't. You will not find true love... True love will come to you. He may seem the most perfect boy but don't be fooled! They are toxic! Focus on schooling and you should get by just fine, There's plenty of time to have the boy of your dreams later.

7. If there is a girl you go to school with and you see her alone, Go up to her and ask her if she is okay. I promise you most of the time, They aren't okay and would like to lend a ear of the problems.

Please learn from your mummas mistakes, I will ensure I will protect you from all harm. Just remember you are amazing and you are loved very much <3 

Your Future mummy xx
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Dear Future Daughter.. There is just a few things you should

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