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"Have you ever been so in love with someone, that you fall in love with
the little things about them? The way they look when they are thinking,
or focusing on something.  The way their face lights up when they talk
about something they absolutely love. The way they talk to other people,
their facial expressions and their hand gestures. And just the looks they
give you. The way they smile and laugh with you. The look in their eyes
before they lean in to kiss you.  When they run their hands down your
arms and lock their fingers with yours. And oh, the goosebumps and
butterflies they give you. When they pull you into a hug and you feel all
their muscles relax and yours do too, because in that moment, everything
is utterly perfect and you feel so safe. And when you catch yourself
looking at them, wondering what they are thinking. You are not only in
love with their personality, you're in love with their soul, every fiber of
their being. And just the way they exist amazes you. It fascinates you,
and you want to know every little thing about them.
Now tell me, how someone is supposed to get over all that?"
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"Have you ever been so in love with someone, that you fall

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Yea ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜” and i dont know
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