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teacher: where  is your homework?

student: ohhh written in the starss!

teacher: where is it?

student: a million miles away

teacher:*sigh*what did you write about?

student: message to the main, ohhhh

teacher: do you want to go to summer school?

student: seasons come and go!

teacher: change your attitude!

student: but i will never change.

teacher: go to the headteacher's office!

student: i'm on my wayyyyyyyyyy!

teacher: wait...isn't that a song?...

stu dent: (take s off earplugs)

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teacher: where is your homework? student: ohhh written in the

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phee · 5 years ago
Lol, thankyou(:
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crimson24 · 5 years ago
ahahahaha this deserves more likes...
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