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Life is a party.
One arrives long after it’s started, and one’s going to leave long before it’s over.
— Robert Morley
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Life is a party. One arrives long after it’s started, and

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jjflan · 5 years ago
hey steve i used to use this website alot and as you know its kind of become empty but i just wanted you to know that it was so much help a few years ago and i wish that it was still that way. witty was like a second home for me and the people on it were always so amazing and they're some of the most caring people ive ever talked to and i just wanted to thank you for creating this website because it helped me through some of the hardest times and i knew that i could always come here for help and advice. unfortunatly all good things must come to an end but im so glad that witty was here for the time that it was because its truly amazing and i just wanted to say thank you for creating it because it has always meant so much to me and i just thought you should know that
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Steve · 5 years ago
That means a lot. Thank you.
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