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dolph* · 5 years ago
A girl doesn't have to 'become attractive' most people have consensual because they want to.
Being 'attractive' isn't everyone's first priority there are actually more important things in life than being desired.
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Ashleyray123 · 5 years ago
Well that's nice for them...I guess what I meant was, I hate the way people pressure girls to have .....it seems like people do it, just so they can say they "did it"....and people who don't have or are still virgins get made to feel bad about themselves because they don't want to ....so i am not saying something rude about people who have , i am saying society puts pressure on people to have and makes it look like this magical thing, when its really not...i think is gross, i guess i am just weird, i don't care if people think i am weird for being a virgin, its my choice
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dolph* · 5 years ago
I understand, you are not weird for thinking is strange. I'm a virgin but I think is a great, natural thing (if done with consent and neither people are cheating on anybody)

It might comes across that people are bragging about it, and a lot of them are, I just don't like it when girls are shamed for having lots of and guys aren't.

A girl who has a lot of = wh/re
a guy who has a lot of = LAD

I just got a sexist vibe from this quote. Honestly is a good thing and nobody should be shamed for it, and nobody should be pressured into it. There's nothing wrong with virgins either!
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