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Please understand. There is so much to me. Sometimes, I'm lonely. Sometimes, I'm so happy I want to laugh with every stranger I see. Sometimes, I wish I still had to hurt myself so people would understand that everything is not always okay. Sometimes, I hate myself so much I wish a stranger would accidentally kill me and then run away. Sometimes, I feel like everyone around me is too stupid to function. Sometimes, I think no-one deserves to breathe the same air as me. Sometimes, I wish I didn't breathe. Sometimes, I want to die in a war. Sometimes, I want to stop every war in the world. Sometimes, I want to a child to look at me like I am their world. Somtimes, I want my parents to cry. Sometimes, I think I'm strong enough to bear every problem in the world on my own shoulders. Sometimes, I want to sell everything I own and give the money to a starving child. Sometimes, I want to save people. Sometimes, I want to kill people. Sometimes, I want to be buried alive. Sometimes, I want to write and write and write and write and write. Sometimes, nobody could understand. Sometimes, I wish they could. Sometimes, I'm glad they don't. Sometimes, I'm scared because it hits me that every single human being on this planet is the same in that we are all just so fcking different from one another. Sometimes, I'm at peace. Sometimes, I need to scream. Sometimes, I want to stab a teacher with a sharp pencil. Sometimes, I want to sleep with a stranger. Sometimes, I lose myself. Sometimes, I'm not myself. Sometimes, I wonder who the hell I even am. Sometimes, I forget that it doesn't matter. Sometimes, I smile. Please understand that nobody (not even you) will ever, ever understand you.

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Please understand. There is so much to me. Sometimes, I'm

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