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(yep I came back here to write something!)

torn between two, who do you choose...
the one you described to a close friend over the phone
as "he's just alright"
or the one where there seems to be a little more
I don't know how to explain
or what this even is, really
but I think it's a little better than "just alright"

because I've seen enough of "just alright"
and I've also seen better
and I don't know exactly where you fall
or who you even are, really
but I think I can give this a shot

can I hold my breath for thirty-six hours?

you spoke of home as if
it was poison on your tongue
that murdered every last dream
you ever had
you spoke as if this was some sort
of death sentence
as if the mere thought could kill
as if this was death

but if this is death, perhaps it's heaven
so I held out my hand and said
"welcome to the afterlife"

I'm sitting in the dark of my room alone
I feel like there's a ghost
but my mind is playing tricks
not necessarily because I don't believe in ghosts
but because I know this one
(if real)
would never nod his head to this
my mind is playing tricks
and there's something telling me
that I don't know everything I think I know
something tells me
to go on

I recalled the day for you
where a familiar new friend held out his hand
he said,
"welcome home"

I'm sitting in the dark of my room
with an old friend
or perhaps with two
something tells me someone's watching

and as I write this I remember hearing that song on the radio

are you
proud of me?
are you happy for me?
I don't know what you think...
I feel like you're happy
I don't know
I can't say that
but I do feel like I give you hope
do I give you hope?

does this give you hope?

will you watch me go home?

today was the day
the pessimist met the optimist
and a girl spoke with two
but for some hard-to-explain reason
feels more drawn to one

I don't know what anything is

today was the day
we looked at the glass
and some part of me wondered,
"will it ever break?"

I don't want this too badly
for fear of losing

you don't want this too badly
for fear you've already lost

but I am a familiar new friend
(five times over)
and we are on our way home

and if this is darkness,
let our souls shine
let them guide our way

(this feels incomplete, sorry)
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(yep I came back here to write something!) torn between two,

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