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You're so beautiful. You're so fu.cking beautiful. God, and it kills me. 
All I want to do is just walk up to you and tell you how beautiful you are,
to look into your blue eyes and get lost, to feel your hand holding mine, 
to hear your laughter and feel the butterflies. It kills me to know that
I can't. If you ever read this, please know that it's sincere. You're getting
a glimpse into what I think of you. Maybe, you're at home writing your own 
paragraph on what you think of me. Maybe you're thinking about what my smile
looks like when you tell a corny joke and how my arms would feel around you.
Maybe you look at me and feel the same way.
That maybe means so much more than it should but God, you're so beautiful.
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You're so beautiful. You're so fu.cking beautiful. God,

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