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noticing that your boyfriend has liked all of a girls photos and he doesnt even like yours when you change your profile picture -.- all i do is try to impress him, i've started dieting for him, i want to change for him. and seeing things like that really break me down, to top it all off shes one of the most attractive girls at school. i cant even compete and thats what hurts me the most. it isnt his fault but he knows how self conscious i am. seeing things like that makes me thing that thats what hes going to expcxt from me, im not perfect and im sure as hell not going to start looking like her anytime soon. but at the end of the day i just have to put on a happy face, keeping smiling and not give anything away. i cant ruin this one, hes my everything. sorry for the rant, i dont even expect anyone to read this i just wanted to get it out, write it down, share it with someone that may come across this. i dont know, i dont know what to do.
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noticing that your boyfriend has liked all of a girls photos

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Infinity on high* · 6 years ago
Don't let little things like this get you down- they won't even really matter in the future. If this is all true , in his point of view, he doesn't deserve you in my opinion. Don't let him bring you down so much, for all you know, in a single second, minute, month, your opinion on him could totally change. && it's totally normal to feel like this so don't even bother worrying about that, for one. Just stay strong, and know that to do that; it doesn't always have to be fake and surrounded by closed in walls <3
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DepressedHby · 6 years ago
thank you. its actually so great to get someone elses opinion, no one understands. but thank you! its good hearing this :)
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Infinity on high* · 6 years ago
Haha no problemC;
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