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I just got the most intense creeped out feeling. I got the chills all over and almost had a panic attack. I'm sitting here still shaking and trying not to cry and all I did was look at a couple of pictures. I was looking through this thing of abandoned amusment parks there were pictures and the stories of what happened to them. I seen a picture of one called Jazzland, it didn't even register at first because it's been like 10 and a half years for me. I looked at the little paragraph about it and that's when it hit me. Jazzland was the Six Flags in New Orleans, It shut down after Katrina went through. I didn't know that though, I didn't know that it ever shut down. But looking at the pictues of it falling apart like that got to me for some reason. I can close my eyes and remember what it looked like and remember what the people sounded like. Being there that day is one of the few clear memories I have with my dad from when I was little. Seeing those pictures was like watching a memory fall apart. I feel scared for some reason now, I feel like I'm loosing that memory and a small piece of myself. Trying to recall that memory now feels like trying to recall a nightmare, everything is warped and twisted. That was one memory that I never wanted to let go of and now it's broken.
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I just got the most intense creeped out feeling. I got the chills

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Cheshire Kitten*


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