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I really dislike when someone hates on an inspirational songs.

Like, today, in one of my classes we were allowed to request songs, and had a song that was about not caring what people think and liking yourself; Anklebiters by Paramore.

And, these two people were like the song sucks.

Like, no.
The girl who complained was a Belieber, and I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber has mostly love songs. Please tell me if I'm mistaken or being mean. His songs are meaningful, I think maybe, but I think songs about loving yourself and not caring what people think are better than love songs. I understand, of course, that she could've just hated the beat or instrumental, but Anklebiters has a better meaning than Boyfriend.

And, the boy who complained was a person I honestly couldn't care less. I know that sounds mean, but he doesn't make me as mad as the girl. She listed earlier artists she hated and it was pretty long.

I understand if anyone would like to hate, I probably would if I was a Belieber. But, I honestly barely know if Justin Bieber's songs are really mostly love songs, so please do tell me.
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I really dislike when someone hates on an inspirational songs.

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*♥︎Lady Ave♥︎* · 7 years ago
I hate Justin Beiber Period. So, yeah
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paramoreforever · 7 years ago
I agree though, mostly because of how much Paramore means to me. People are constantly telling me that their music sucks but Anklebiters specifically has helped me to stop caring what people think about Paramore because all that matters is what I think.
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Cameron* · 7 years ago
Yeah, go, girl! :D Honestly, I dislike when people are like "This band sucks!" "Dude, that singer is terrible!" I mean, c'mon, we all know you don't really hate-hate the artist. I just say I'm not into the singer or band if anyone asked. Really, though, people these days. *Sigh*
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伤* · 7 years ago
not all his songs are love songs, i mean he has other songs like "pray" and "never say never"
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Cameron* · 7 years ago
Thanks. :)
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Envelope24 · 7 years ago
well most of his recent ones are him just putting his feelings about selena into song
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Cameron* · 7 years ago
That I totally understand.
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