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I don't see why coming out is such a big deal
For example, I've been bisexual my whole life
so why should I randomly make a big announcement to my family about it?
I don't even wait for it to be a secret anymore
I'll just be talking to a friend and say "there's this guy I like"
because it's the same thing as liking any girl.
And it's not like you have to come out for being straight
because that's the same idea, right?
And how would my sexuality change who I already was 10 minutes ago?
It's not like once I "come out" I'm going to burn down every church I see
or try to kill the governments that don't support my sexuality
do you know why?
Because it doesn't make a f/cking difference.
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I don't see why coming out is such a big deal For example,

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lost dreamer* · 6 years ago
Preach it.
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ItsJustChey_* · 6 years ago
If everyone had your attitude, the world would be a much better place.
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Just_A_Little_Too_Addicted · 6 years ago
Your quotes are perfection.
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emilygm* · 6 years ago
You, my friend, deserve a medal.
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★♡flying high♥☆* · 6 years ago
I love this like seriously
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FallenAngel* · 6 years ago
And this is why the entire Witty population loves you.
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