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hi guys.
i know that i haven't been on in what seems like forever, but today i felt like reminiscing. 
witty used to be where i went just to dump my emotions into someone else's hands, 
just to get it off my chest. the internet is impersonal like that. 
i couldn't talk to my friends like that, because i knew that they would never be able to look at me the same way again. 
i didn't blame them. if i were in their shoes, so would i. and that's why i needed witty. 

but then witty started to tear itself apart. 

suddenly, all i could see as i scrolled down through the top quotes page was anger
lots and lots of anger and hate about things like nutella, or one direction, or stupid things like that. 
some of them were important things, like gay marriage. 
but even still, it was killing the wittians. 
people started to leave, slowly and then more rapidly, as the hurricane of fury raged on
some left because of the hate, others left just because the number of quotes was decreasing. 

i started my witty just at the climax, when everyone was just happy to be depressed together 
it was the strangest thing, that we could all bond over our sadness
but it was beautiful in a way that nothing else was 
until we started to fight, shattered like glass thrown at the floor
that's what i think led witty to what it is today. 
where there is a small community of unhapy people
who look out for each other, and smile at the same silly quotes
there are still some of you left. 

so i'm giving witty another chance.
maybe this is a fresh start for witty, where we can all forget what happened before
and just be awkward together again
so i'll give it a try. maybe i'm just desparate for something like witty again. 
or maybe i'm just bored. but i want this to happen. 
we can make it work, guys. just don't let last year happen again. 
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hi guys. i know that i haven't been on in what seems like

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