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I feel like Im slowly losing my best friend.

Shes fading.

Shes letting life take control of her.

Her smile is getting faker day by day.


I dont know what to do.

I dont know what to say.

Im trying my hardest.

Im trying to be there.

Im trying to make her smile real.


Shes fading.

Theres nothing I can do.

I dont want to lose her.

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I feel like Im slowly losing my best friend. Shes fading. Shes

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dapz95 · 6 years ago
being a friend sometimes isn't about fixing each other when we're broken ... its sometimes just about giving each other the support and freedom to make whatever choices we need to repair ourselves. The only way we get stronger is by figuring out our own problems, but if we feel loved, respected, or just that we have someone who'll be there and someone we can fall back on, it just makes the whole process so much less scary <3 x
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