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if there's any part of me that thinks you'd make a good couple;

it's only because I think you're both on the same level. And I don't mean that in a good way. I've only met her once, and I doubt she even knew who I was. We were walking in a hallway and I held a door open for her; she gave me a dirty glare like "what is wrong with you?" and walked through the other door, opening it herself. She didn't bother saying thank you. She smiled, but it was one of those "I'm too good for you" sort of smiles, as if the fact she goes to a prep school makes her superior to me and my ways. Pssh. As if she's the better one here. And you - well, to be honest, you're not much better than she is. Because sure, we used to talk, we used to be friendly. I found you cute and you found me cute. Only I didn't find everything about you cute. I never thought it was cute how you felt all of your school friends were superior to all else. I never found it cute how you became lazy with our so-called "friendship," or how you dropped me like I meant nothing, even after you said you cared - oh, that's right, because you didn't. I'm the kind of person to hold the door, you're the kind of person to shut it in someone's face. You know what? I honestly feel like she's better for you than I'd ever be. Because she deserves you, while I deserve better.

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if there's any part of me that thinks you'd make a good

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