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When I was little,

I used to believe that on expressways, during roadtrips, all the cars were racing. I wasn't aware that 70% of earth was covered with

water chose to think that it was entirely made up of land and roads that lead to one place. In my mind, all the vehicles were traveling to

one destination. I remember being strapped by a seatbelt in the back of a mini van and feeling frustrated at either of my parents-

who were the ones driving- when a bigger, even better, car drove ahead of ours. For some reason, I was desperatley wanting to be in

 the car that lead the way to the one place. Regardless of wanting this, I knew that there was always going to be a faster driver in a

luxurious car that had the privledge of being ahead; along with another one that followed close behind and so on. This managed to

upset me everytime our car drove somewhere far. I felt irrelevant and small to be a part of a car that drove somewhere in the

of the long race. Middle translated to average in my mind, which to this day is something I strongly dislike and somewhat fear.

Which was weird; considering that normal kids were scared of monsters, while I was afraid of being normal. So this is dedicated to

anyone who is or someday will be a part of my life. Bare with me if I'm impulsive, or if I cry in the middle of the night. Just know that

I'm a human, who is trying to figure out a way to live. I know this doesn't excuse any of the mistakes I will someday make, but one

time I had heard that somebody wished that people had just come along with warning lables. So this is it. 

This is my warning lable.


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When I was little, I used to believe that on expressways, during

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