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How do we put music on our profile? haha
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How do we put music on our profile? haha

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LettingSecretsGo · 8 years ago
Click on your picture up at the top right corner of your page.
When the options come up, look under "Account Settings" and you'll see Edit Profile.
Scroll all the way down to "Music"
In a new tab go to Youtube and find whatever song you want
At the end of the url on the video, there will be an arrangment of numbers and letters that look something like this 8yxfyztjXUs. (the whole url looks like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yxfyztjXUs) so you take the numbers after the = sign
then you paste it into the "Music" section on Edit Profile
And hit save(:

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zeldachick♥♪★♀†(^-^)* · 8 years ago
so go to youtube look up at where you type in the name of the website, and when you go to that video the youtube video id will appear at the end of that website name with a bunch of numbers and letters, type in that code on edit your profile and it will come up. if you didn't understand what i just said just go to youtube and look up a video on how to do it.
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