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want to know my real problem?
I push people away, when I need them most.
I get jealous easy, because I'm terrified that you'll find someone better than me.
everyone I love ends up leaving me, and I'm scared of getting hurt again.
I can't make friends easily, or connect properly with people, because I'm scared they'll just find someone prettier, nicer, better, funnier and more exciting than me.
I always say the wrong thing in arguments.
I'll tell you to go away, when all I want you to do is stay, and tell me that everything will be alright, that it'll all be okay.
I can never say the right thing, or do anything right.
this is why I always end up alone.
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want to know my real problem? I push people away, when I need

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YoJacky · 7 years ago
Lauren to me your perfection.♥
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The Chosen One* · 7 years ago
Even if you push me away ill always come back. I'll never leave you. And I will NEVER hurt you. You have lots of friends,some that will stay with you right throughout your life. Your great at arguments c; you can be a betch when you need be nene cx ill stay! You do everything right o.o and you are never alone,the only time you are alone is in the shower...oh wait...(;
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Laura :)* · 7 years ago
But there will be people in your life who will respect that and won't leave you no matter what <33 You're not alone, Im here for you <3
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永久* · 7 years ago
same same same same same same same. :( BTW your dimples are CUUUUUUUUUUTE <3 (I'm no freak :P)
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