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Truth or Lie
Chapter 44

“Zoe are you still there?” I hear Ashley ask
“S-sorry” I stutter
“Haha Yeah it’s alright to be surprised” she says but keeps going.
“So, do you have a pen and paper or something?" she asks
"Uh y-yeah hold on" i tell her as i put it on speaker phone and grab a writing book and the pen sitting next to it.
"Ok go" i tell her
"Ok you ready for this?" she asks
"Yup, just tell me before i change my mind" i say quickly.
"Ok well he has a picture of you but nothing ese from what i've found and he lives in Church street in The City of Hails, NSW, Australia with three friends." she explains
"Wow um can i know the names or do you no have them?" i asks and she goes to answer but i cut her off
"It's ok though if you don't have them" i said
"Nah Zoe it's ok i've got them" she explains
"Ok theres three like i said their names are, Cameron which is 22, Ben which is 20 and Finn which is 19, i hope that helps Zoe" she tells me
"I, um, oh wow, uh thank you" i tell her grabbing the phone and truning the phone speaker off.
"It's alright Zoe" she says simpathetic 
“W-well I’m just going to um, hang up now and get my head around this” I say before ending the call w=not letting her reply.
I sit there for ten minuets before I start the car and head for the house. 
When I get there I quickly hop out and head into the house, when I get to the lounge room doorway all eyes are on me, Laura and Meagan questioning why I didn't just wait in the car and then there was the boys wondering why I’m so tense looking at me like they can see that somethings up making me feel like their looking into my soul but I don’t bother answering them and go up into my bedroom.
I lock my bedroom door and flop down onto my bad and curl up into a ball under my nice warm, confortable dooner.
 'His Name Is Kade' was what ran through my mind just before i fell into a deep dream filled sleep....

~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
Heeeeeeey guys hope u like it!!!
Please please please comment and tell me what you think!!! 
Thx love u guys <3

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Truth or Lie Chapter 44 “Zoe are you still there?”

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smiggle_xx · 9 years ago
thats really good!!!!well done
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ZoeBoe · 9 years ago
Thank you!!

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