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It was three in the morning
when I found you on the
bathroom floor, curled into
yourself, sobbing silently.

I rushed towards you,
pulling you into my arms,
grasping tightly, scared that
if I let go, you would float away.

Your blood stained hands clutched
onto my shirt tightly, burying your
head into my chest; I’m sorry, you
whispered over and over again.

I kissed your forehead, rocking you
back and forth gently, rubbing your 
back soothingly. I bit my lip, holding
back the sobs that were threatening
to overtake me. It’s okay, I whispered
softly; running my fingers 
through your hair.

We both knew I couldn‘t
be your savior; no matter
how much I wanted to;
there were just some
demons that you needed
to fight alone.

But, no matter what,
I will always be with you,
holding you through the
nights that are so cruel
to you; when the demons
win, and it’s just too much
for you to take.

I will always be there.


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It was three in the morning when I found you on the bathroom

35 faves · Jul 20, 2013 7:03pm

darling destiny*


darling destiny*


love · friendship · sadness · recovery · demons · triggerwarning · poems

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