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"Believe in your fůcking self. Stay up all fůcking night. Work outsie of your fůcking habits. Know when to fůcking speak up. Fůcking collaborate. Don't fůcking procratinate. Get over your fůcking self. Keep fůcking learning. Form follows fůcking function. A computer is a Lite Brite for bad fůcking ideas. Find fůcking inspiration everywhere. Fůcking network. Educate your fůcking client. Trust your fůcking gut. Ask for fůcking help. Make it fůcking sustainable. Question fůcking everything. Have a fůcking concept. Learn to take some fůcking critisism. Make me fůcking care. Use fůcking spell check. Do your fůcking research. Sketch some fůcking ideas. The problem contains the fůcking solution. Think about all the fůcking possibilities"

~Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher

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Hey You,, "Believe in your fůcking self. Stay up all fůcking

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