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it's not like we can speak with ghosts

but if we could, I'd talk to you
I'd ask what you think about how I feel
but feel ashamed immediately after,
as I'd feel it'd be an insult
compared to what you had,
which was actually something real.

I don't know if you'd judge me
but I'd trust that you wouldn't
and that you'd only want what's best
and with that said,
that you'd point me toward the future
and tell me that there are better things ahead
real things

maybe then again I'd feel sorry for asking
because your future already came and went
but maybe you'd just give me a kind smile
and remind me that mine still hasn't
and that I have a lot to look forward to
and that I should make the most of it all
while I still can

it's not like ghosts can watch over us
but if they could, I'd trust that you'd be watching

and if that's to be the case,
I'll make sure that you see something wonderful

and if that's the case,
I wouldn't mind running away
from false hopes
right now
and never,
turning back.

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it's not like we can speak with ghosts but if we could, I'd

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