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how to deal with someone when they're having a panic attack
a while ago, at my school's 24 hour relay,
i had a severe panic attack. None of my friends
knew what to do. so that doesn't happen to you,
here's a guide.

-remove them from the situation that has caused them to panic

-ask them about what they want you to do. this could be rubbing their back or leaving them alone altogether

-do not touch them unless they give you permission

-remember to calm them and not to pressure them into giving answers or asking them what caused the attack. somtimes, panic attacks come out of nowhere.

-distract them

-point things out to them that to remind them of where they are

-if they take medication to deal with their panic attacks, remind them to take it

-people sometimes relapse a couple of hours after having a panic attack. keep close tabs on them and make sure they're okay

-if the person asks you to leave them alone, say something like "I'll be right back." so it doesn't sound like you're abandoning them, but don't wander off. be close to them, but not too close

help them breathe!

-get them to breathe out a little longer than they breathe in, especially if they feel like they're going to pass out

-count breaths if needed

-encourage them to control their breathing

-use a paper bag, if necessary

don't be an a.sshole!

-shouting abuse at them doesn't help

-don't tell them to calm down

-don't tell them it's nothing and they'll get over it

-don't say they're overreacting

-if you do any of these things, you are the biggest d.ick ever

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how to deal with someone when they're having a panic attack

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