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Things to remember:

* There will always be someone better.
* Boys are often forgetful. Try not to take this too personally.
* Try to love through all the chaos. There will always be chaos.
* Some people are reckless with other people's feelings. Don't be one of those people.
* He's probably not actually looking at you from across the room, but you'll see what you want to see.
* He isn't thinking about you right now.
* That dream you had where he confessed his feelings for you was just that - a dream.
* Everything happens for at least one reason, but often for more than that.
* You deserve to be with someone who legitimately cares about you.
* Whatever is worrying you right now, you'll be laughing about once you're in college - if not before.

(Interpret this how you will.)
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Things to remember: * There will always be someone better. *

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