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Truth or Lie
Chapter 42 part 2

 “Do you think she’s ever going to wake up soon?” I hear Zachs voice when I drift out of my much loved slumber, I decide then to keep my eyes closed so i seemed like i was still sleeping.
“Maybe” Matt answers
“Don’t tell anyone but that movie scared the freakin hell outa me” Zach yell whispers to Matt, i could just see his face now
“Seriously Man?” Matt asks in amusement
“Seriously!” Zach whisper yells back
So with that I decided to try and scare him and not waiting any longer.
I lift my hips up and kept my eyes closed to it was like I was being picked up just like the girl in the movie and just as I thought, I got a very high pitched and very girly scream come out of Zach, a thump and a slam of the door and I could hear him screaming bloody murder all the way down the hall and at that I burst into laughter with Matt which by doing so made me roll over and fall off the bed with a bang, still laughing as i rolled around on the ground clutching my stomach with Matt.

“That was freakin hilarious!” I gasped through my laughter
“You should have seen his face!” Matt exclaimed calming down a little.
"Jeez i'm gonna have abs soon with all this laughing" i tell him sitting up
"Eh already got em" He says pulling his shirt up giving me a cheeky grin.

“Should we concur or hide?” I ask chuckling as stand up and lean against the cupboard.
“Breakfast is ready?” he kind of asks kind of tells me
“Concur it is!” I say fist pumping him and we speed down the hall but as we’re coming up to the stairs we stupidly don’t slow down as we get closer and when we’re at the bottom we both end up sliding of the floor with our socks and straight into the kitchen bench, losing our balance and toppling over onto the floor and i somehow after all the banging and crashing ended up laying intop of him.

“Ouch” We both say as we just lay there with me ontop of him sprawled across the floor. 
"If you wanted some alone time all you had to do was say so" comes Meagns voice from above us
"We slipped!" Matt and i exclaimed in unison
"Sure, sure" laura says comming into view with her hand on her hips.
"Aghh" i groan as i roll off of Matt and sit up slowly
"This is gonna really hurt tomorrow" I say grabbing Jeremys outstretched hand and letting him pull me up.
"KARMA!!!" Zach yells from the living room archway
"That was not Karma it was these damn socks, you stumpy pumpikin!!" i yell pointing at our socks as i did and trying really hard not to laugh at our ridiculous mock fighting.
"I didn't fall and i was running down there way faster than you two scared out of my wits, and excuse me what??!!" Zach yells back motioning to the stairs and crossing his arms.
"I don't care it's not Karma and yeah stumpy pumkin, you stumpy pumkin!!" i yell stomping my foot as i mock glared at him.
"Stomping your foot really?" Jeremy pipes up trying really hard to not laugh at us
"Hey,thats what i was taught!!!" Laura and i exclaim.
Everything goes quiet then and we all look at each other and just like that we were rolling on the ground laughing our arses off...

~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
Hey sorry i didn't post sooner!
hope u like it!!
Please comment and tell me what you think of my story!!
thx love u guys!!! <3

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Truth or Lie Chapter 42 part 2 “Do you think she’s

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