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but I'm not too concerned   

because I know that this won't even matter after a few more weeks. Your life will go on and so will mine. You'll have a new beginning in college. I won't be a part of that, and that's okay. I'll be enjoying my final year of high school, lounging around in my senior sweats and daydreaming about the future as I fill out my apps. You won't be a part of that, and that's okay. But in a way, I guess you'll always be a part of me. Not literally, and not constantly; but you did influence me in more ways than one, and I can definitely say I've learned and grown from you. But I already know how we're going to end. Well, if you can call it an ending, because we never really had anything together anyway, except for maybe a few inside jokes and a summer or two in common. But I'm ready for whenever it is that you end up walking out of my life for good - or at least for a long while. Because I've gone through this before, and I've made it through. Knowing you was fun, even if I only got to know you a little bit. I guess it was an adventure of sorts. But I'm ready for all the adventures to follow, and I'd rather have a ton more to look forward to than to be forever stuck here with you. I want to see the world and experience a lot of things. And meet and get to know a wide variety of people, each with worlds of their own to experience. You're not bad, but wouldn't it be lame if your world was the only one I got to see? And with that in mind... I'll be ready to set you free.

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but I'm not too concerned because I know that this won't

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