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Lost and Insecure

Chapter 12
I continued to think about what my purpose in life was. I also wondered where life would take me in the future, and who would come with me. I wondered if I would spend the rest of my life with Sebastian or someone else. I loved Sebastian now, but what if something changed. I guess I would get over it, but I hate heart break. Well I guess it’s just something everyone has to deal with in life.
I rolled out of my bed as my alarm went off. I slipped on a cute dress, as always, and then looked in the mirror. I then started to do my makeup, followed by my hair. It’s the same thing every day but it’s still fun to me. I grabbed my purse and then walked downstairs. My mother had my breakfast ready on the counter so I sat down and started to eat. “How’s Sebastian?” she asked, trying to make conversation.
“He’s good” I answered.
“Is he really good, or are you just saying the first answer that comes to your mind?”
“No, he’s really good mom.”
“Ok, and are you guys good?” she asked.
“Yes mom. We’re good.” I said as spencer walked down the stairs.
“Ready?” she asked.
“Yes.” I answered and followed her out to her car.
“She asked me that kind of thing too, when Logan and I started dating.” Spencer assured me.
“When did she stop?” I asked
“Yesterday,” she said jokingly, “don’t worry about it. She just wants you to be safe.”
“Yeah I understand.”
“So how are you two, honestly?”
“We’re good. I’m just always worried that something is gonna go wrong.”
“It probably will, but if you guys are meant to be together everything will be fine in the end.”
“Thanks Spencer.”
We pulled into the school parking lot and Logan was waiting for spencer were he usually did. I walked in with them till I got to my locker. Where Sebastian was standing there waiting for me. I walked up to him and gave him a kiss. After I put the books I didn’t need in my locker Sebastian took the books I was still holding in one hand and held my hand with the other. I loved the way he did things without me asking him to; that showed me that I was always on his mind. As we walked to my classroom we talked about pointless things and I enjoyed that. I liked talking to him about things that we wouldn’t remember in ten minutes. After first period I decided to walk to Sebastian’s locker. As I was walking there I passed by Jason’s locker and he was standing there putting books into it. I turned and looked the other way, hoping he wouldn’t notice me. I started to walk faster, just in case, and then I reached Sebastian’s locker. I reached up on my tippy toes and put my hands in from of his eyes. He turned around and kissed me, just like they did in the movies.
“So what would you do if that was someone else?” I asked with a smile on my face.
“I’d tell them that they didn’t kiss as good as my girlfriend.” He said, and I just had to kiss him for that. When I pulled away I saw people staring and I got started to feel weird. I grabbed Sebastian’s hand and started walking down the hall. When we reached my classroom he turned to me and kissed me. When he pulled away he asked “Come home with me? We have to talk.” My heart instantly dropped. I hoped it wouldn’t be anything bad, but I couldn’t stop thinking it was.
“Yeah sure.” I answered, trying to act like I wasn’t panicking inside.
“Ok. See you later.” He said and kissed me again.
All day I kept wondering what he wanted to talk about but when the moment finally came, I didn’t want to find out. He walked me up to his room and I sat down on his bed. My heart was beating and my hands started to get sweaty. He really needed to tell me before I exploded. Sebastian sat down next to me and grabbed my hand, and he was shaking too. “Bailey, I’m going to Disney land with my family and my parents said I could invite you.”

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Lost and Insecure Chapter 12 I continued to think about what

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