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Just a little information on this girl I know 

She smiles, with pain all built up behind, new scars apear and people don't know why, but they do not question it. 

When she cries, it is alone in her room at night in her closet. 

When she goes out on her roof to just think and look at the stars, she has to keep herself from jumping. 

Everytime she sees her dad, she has to act like nothing is wrong, like her life is just fine,

Sometimes she has sleepless night, crying and screaming, and regreting everything, 

She will walk down the halls with a smile on her face, and talk to her friends, no one knows that she cried in the bathroom the hour before. 

She thinks she is weak, but she is strong, she is so strong. 

She will smile and walk past her old love like everything is okay, 

Every now and again, she will break down infront of someone, cause she has just held it in for to long. 

If you pay attetion enough you will even notice that she wears long selves even though it's hot out,

She doesn't like questions, cause she can't explain the answer. 

All she wants to do is be happy, she does her best to be happy, 
but she knows deep down that she will never mean anything, 

No one wants her, no one needs her, she can (and has) disappeard for a weeks and no one cared. no one will care. 

One day she feels she will be happy, but for now she can't get away from this life . not even in her dreams is she happy, her pain haunts her everywhere, everyday,

This girl . 

This girl is me . 
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Just a little information on this girl I know She smiles, with

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