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My fellow lovely Wittians....
I'm deciding that it's time for me to leave Witty.
I haven't been on much and it seems as though when I sign back in after a while, I'm not really missed. 
For those of you who I've made friends with, I'm so glad we could be friends, and we still can :)
It's time for me to move on.
I guess sometimes I'll check it, maybe every month, 2 months or so for notifications but that's really it.

If any of my really good friends on here would like to keep contact, I would absolutely love too <3333 
Comment on my profile if you want to stay in touch and I'll give you my ask.fm, tumblr, twitter, pinterest, or pheed :)
I'll check for them next week, on April 19th.
You have until then to comment on my profile if you wanna stay in touch, which I would really love because I love you guys xxx

Thank You,

VioletSunshine <3333333 xx
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So, My fellow lovely Wittians.... I'm deciding that it's

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nevercutyourbeautiful · 9 years ago
OMFG. no, im going to miss you so much, im honestly crying ily.
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