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Blood Bond
::Chapter One::
::Part One::

Blood trickled down my neck from my mouth. Just like biting into an apple, but warmer, and juicer. I exhaled as I leaned back, exposing myself to the moon.

"You done being dramatic?" asked a voice. I looked behind me and saw Juliet. Blood had splattered around her breasts and face. I laughed and said, "Am I ever?"

We dragged the bodies towards the front of the alley. Juliet flipped out her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Three bodies, East Carnnel Street, 4th alley on the left from Beech," she looked to  me and said, "You were hungry tonight."

"I haven't eaten in weeks! Of course I was!" I laughed, "With all the studying I've been doing, it shouldn't be a surprise. I haven't been able to go out for a bite of real food."

We both laughed as a black van turned the corner. Juliet waved and the van stopped. A tall man with spikey blonde hair stepped out.

"Juliet. Onyx. Feeding went well?" he asked.

"Well, we don't have stakes through our hearts, now do we Devin?" Juliet asked. We followed Devin into the bodies. He looked them over, and then looked at us.

"Three? Did you guys split one?"

"No, I was hungry." I said. Devin wasn't the brightest. You would have been able to tell it was me who fed on the second guy. I have a smaller jaw than Juliet and our bite patterns are different. Juliet loves splatters, I like a more direct route.

"I see… well, I can give you guys a ride back if you want. Just don't eat anymore out of these guys, alright?" Devin offered. Juliet and I nodded, we weren't going to be walking around covered in blood.

We climbed into the back as Devin and Bruce, a shorter guys with a muscular build and dark hair, loaded up the bodies. I leaned over and ran my finger through some of the blood on Juliet's shoulder. She looked at me as I tasted it.

"Mmm. B positive… with a hint of red wine."

"Very good." She said as she began to clean herself up. Before I could the same, Juliet took a quick taste of the blood on me.

"A and O negative with some mint and, is that, jasmine?" Juliet looked at me, a bit of surprise in her eye.

"Yes it is. I'm trying something new. Besides, when you're that hungry, you'll take anything."

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Blood Bond ::Chapter One:: ::Part One:: Blood trickled down my

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